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It was merry. Very.


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After-School Conversation

Today Lucy saw a nativity scene printed in a book of Christmas songs. She asked for more details about the people in the picture. I explained. She and Monty fought over touching baby Jesus for a while and then she … Continue reading

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“Mama, It’s Like a Batter Popsicle!”

Our resolution for 2012?  Eat more chocolate cake! Happy New Year, everyone!

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I started asking Oscar in early September what he wanted to be for Halloween.  In order to encourage my kids to be creative, I really felt like I should model creative genius and make Oscar’s Halloween costume. His first choice was … Continue reading

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There are pros and cons to being married to a superdad. Pro: Con: Happy Thanksgiving!  

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What we’ll do for free…

Happy National Family Week! The folks who created the poster for this event were savvy enough to subtitle their work, “Enjoy an entire week of FREE family fun.”  Any time I am invited to bring a preschooler and a baby … Continue reading

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How Oscar determines what is edible…

(Oscar eating Jell-O and spilling it on the floor) Me: Oscar, be careful not to spill. Oscar: Why? Is Jell-O food? Me: (thinking of ingredient list) Well, you can eat it, so I guess that makes it food.  Then again, … Continue reading

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