How to get out of difficult conversations

People often ask me: “How are you sleeping?”

Because I know they are referring to Gus, who sleeps like a good-to-average 7-week-old babe, I usually say, “fine.”

No one ever asks how Jeff is sleeping.

He isn’t.

Monty has been screaming out his 2-year molars a few times each night (forgivable), but Lucy’s all-night-antics lack any rational excuse (“I’m afraid a squirrel might come in my bed” was her most recent).

I’ve added reasoning with her to my morning routine. This morning:

Me: Lucy, you have to let Dad sleep at night. He was really tired going to work today.

Lucy: When we have this conversation, I feel like I just want to be a cat.

Me: Why is that?

Lucy: meow meoooow


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After-School Conversation

Today Lucy saw a nativity scene printed in a book of Christmas songs. She asked for more details about the people in the picture. I explained. She and Monty fought over touching baby Jesus for a while and then she said she wanted to act out the scene. She told me the assigned roles:

Mom – Mary
Dad – Joseph
Gus – Jesus
Oscar and Monty – Shepherds
Lucy – Angel-who-isn’t-really-an-angel-but-actually-part-of-the-family

Then Oscar came home from school…

Lucy (showing Oscar the picture): I want to do that.

Oscar: Oh, you want to act it out? Ok. I’ll be Jesus. (Then, looking over at me holding infant Gus he had second thoughts). Gus can be Jesus. I’ll be the GOD of EVERYTHING.

Lucy (clearly frustrated): God isn’t even in it. You can be a shepherd.

Oscar (rolling his eyes): Lucy, God is what it’s all about. Fine. If we’re going to act it out, I’m going to be half shepherd, half GOD of EVERYTHING, and half rockin’ guitar man (striking an air guitar pose).

Me (in my mind): I’m guessing GOD of EVERYTHING is the third half of the whole part?

Lucy: (looking at Jeff). What does Joseph do?

Jeff: He tries to get a room at the inn and he fails….(thinking)…but he does own the donkey. Yes. Joseph owns the donkey.

We never got around to acting it out. I said we’d do it after dinner, but we ended up having a dance party. Sadly, the dance party ended when Monty got a bloody nose from the angel-who-is-actually-part-of-the-family.

Angel that is part of our family

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Gus Driftwood Grandy Wolosewich

This gallery contains 13 photos.

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Lucy at Four

Last week, Lucy started preschool. Two weeks ago, she turned four.

When she blew out her four candles this year, I made two secret wishes for her. They went something like this:

1. Lucy, I hope you never grow out of your love for pyjamas, all things loose and tie-dyed, and being completely honest about how you are feeling at all times. 

2. Lucy, I hope you do, eventually, grow out of meowing like a cat and wanting to be walked on a leash like a dog…. but for now it’s still cute.

Dog Dog

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One of those Summers

It’s been one of those summers – one of those summers when one buys a house, sells a house, and visits three science centres in three different provinces while traveling coast-to-coast across Canada.

We all need naps…

Sleeping on the road

Sleeping on the road

Car nap

Or coffee…



Or naps and coffee…

Sleeping on the road

Sleeping on the road with coffee

Anyhow, the trip was grand.  To do it photographic justice, it seems to work best to divide the trip into the five F’s of summer:

Food, Field Trips, Farm, Family, Fire

#1. Food (namely ice cream and hot dogs)

#2. Field Trips

#3. Farm

#4. Family


10th Anniversary in Ganaraska

#5. Fire

Okay – there is a bonus “F.”  I just can’t stop!

Can you spot the straggler?


Because traveling coast-to-coast in Canada with three small children at seven months pregnant didn’t feel like a challenge, we decided to pick up an extra passenger on the way home.

(Hint: His name is Flower)

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Boys and Girls

Whether our October 2014 baby is a boy or a girl is the source of much speculation around here these days.  Lately, Lucy seems to be the most passionate about her predictions:

To give Lucy some time to celebrate or adjust, we thought we’d attempt to find out what parts baby was sporting in the ultrasound.

GenderTBAIn order to be in keeping with his or her siblings, baby kept legs closed with cord between them through the whole procedure.

After seeing the photos, no one seems to care much what parts baby has. In truth, I find girl and boy parts reveal next to nothing about the kind of baby we’ll end up with anyway.

Note the following…

Oscar (when we told him he should start changing in the mens’ room – nearing five years old): I wish I was a girl. I want to go into the girls change room with mama. I like mama and I wish mama could go in the guys room.  The guys have moustaches and they’re scary.  The girls don’t really have moustaches. I like it better there.”

Lucy (in the middle of a pre-bedtime, solo, nude dance party): “Oscar, you should take off your clothes, too, so we can high five our butts.”

Trucks at camera

Baby #4, whatever your flavour, we welcome you with open arms!

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The Violin Has Come Full Circle

After nearly two years of begging, Oscar got a violin last year.


His obsession with the instrument started at Arts in the Park when he saw a group of young kids playing violin on stage. He watched for the first few songs and then he cried in a fit of envious devastation through the rest.

For two years he burst into tears every time he saw other young kids playing or carrying violins.

Today, all his violin desires came full circle when he, at long last, had a chance to play at Arts in the Park.

Here was his warm-up at home:

And finally, here, he is doing his best to inspire devastating envy into the large crowd (of parents and siblings) who are watching:


No bow at the end of a performance could have been deeper.

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