1. Family Far Away

2. My Kids

3. Claire

My friend Claire is amazing.  With three.5 kids, and, at times, living in a van, she makes keeping up with her blog look easy.  Every time she posts, I have a guilt-ridden pang that reminds me I am not doing justice to documenting my children, and I’m not sending enough virtual love back home.

I should rename my blog “Keeping up with the Caudles” to give her all of the credit she is due for inspiring me.

4. The Comet Bath

When Oscar was a newborn I sprinkled the tub with Comet and forgot about it.  I had intended to clean it, but was distracted by some new parent dilemma (diaper, feeding, general chaos), so like many things have come to be, it was left unfinished.  When Jeff woke up early with Oscar the next morning and decided to bathe him, I simply rolled over and slept for an extra 45 minutes. Heavenly.

I woke up panicked, yelling, “Jeff, did you clean the Comet out of the tub?”  To which he replied, “What Comet?”

In this moment, when I realized we had just bleached our newborn, I vowed two things:

  1. I will never use environmentally unfriendly, child-bleaching products again.
  2. I will one day start a blog so the next time some poor parent is forced to shamefully google, “What should I do if I accidentally bleached my baby,” there will be at least some kind of virtual community support.*

5. The Bluebird in the Woodstove

I have a great blogging fear.  Ever since the comet bath vow, I keep thinking, “what if blog-able things stop happening to me, and I have nothing to write about?”  For three years, now, the blog-worthy stuff has been piling up around me.  When a bluebird flew into our woodstove last week, the pile of blog-worthy stuff reached a tipping point and I decided that this must be the sign I’d been waiting for.

*Fellow Child-Bleachers: We just re-rinsed him, and lubed him up with lotion – we think he’s ok, but we may be biased, so read through some posts and judge for yourself.  Note: He also rolled off the change-table when he was five months old, so you may want to take that into consideration, too. 


5 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Claire says:

    Colleen, I have waiting for YEARS to see your tales hit the internet! Yahoo!

  2. Mom and Dad says:

    Way to go , Colleen! This is the start of that “book” you were going to write. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. Liane Magyari says:

    I really enjoy your blog Colleen! What a fantastic idea! The videos are priceless. I can hardly wait to see you at the end of the month!!!
    Love ya!
    Liane 🙂

  4. Gerald says:

    Hi guys! I just enjoyed the bluebird in woodstove episode. It’s a classic.

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