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Lucy at 5

She talked about starting school for months. She planned her lunch and meticulously labeled everything in her backpack. She was ready. We were ready. We were wrong. At the beginning of this month, Lucy turned five. On that very same … Continue reading

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Boys and Girls

Whether our October 2014 baby is a boy or a girl is the source of much speculation around here these days.  Lately, Lucy seems to be the most passionate about her predictions: To give Lucy some time to celebrate or … Continue reading

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The Violin Has Come Full Circle

After nearly two years of begging, Oscar got a violin last year. His obsession with the instrument started at Arts in the Park when he saw a group of young kids playing violin on stage. He watched for the first few … Continue reading

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Jingle Kids

Faster than Blitzen, nice turns to naughty, even on Christmas eve. Will Santa turn a blind eye to this one? Merry Christmas everyone!

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Sibling Love

The teeth marks remaining on Oscar’s finger today from Lucy’s effort to bite it off in the stroller the other day, prove that it isn’t always a love fest around here.  Nonetheless, these photos remind me that there are moments. … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

In no particular order, here are some of the things we loved about the first half of our summer vacation (in Nova Scotia). 1. Beaches 2. Ice Cream 3. Reunions 4. Unions 5. Impromptu Concerts 6. Peggy’s Cove (and all … Continue reading

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Second Date

Jasper came over the other day while Claire took James and Oscar to the library. Under close supervision, Lucy and Jasper enjoyed their second date. Apparently the stimulating dinner conversation more than made up for the poor food quality, low-budget atmosphere, … Continue reading

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