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Brother to Brother Turning Two

Dear Gus: Happy Birthday. I like you because you are cute. You definitely aren’t that old, but you’re great.  Since you’re not that big, I still like you. -Monty (4 years old) Advertisements

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Passing the Torch

Last weekend marked the end of my first week back at work and the beginning of Jeff’s parental leave. It’s been seven months of being home full time with Gus – – oh – and the other three, too… Jeff’s first week … Continue reading

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How to get out of difficult conversations

People often ask me: “How are you sleeping?” Because I know they are referring to Gus, who sleeps like a good-to-average 7-week-old babe, I usually say, “fine.” No one ever asks how Jeff is sleeping. He isn’t. Monty has been … Continue reading

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After-School Conversation

Today Lucy saw a nativity scene printed in a book of Christmas songs. She asked for more details about the people in the picture. I explained. She and Monty fought over touching baby Jesus for a while and then she … Continue reading

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A Conversation That Shouldn’t Happen While Watching Bambi

Oscar (breaking from his deep engrossment in the meadow scene): I want to go out and get a deer and a moose. I want to shoot them with a bow and arrow. Me: Why… Do you want to eat them? … Continue reading

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A Few of My Favourite Things

1. Kite flying 2. Lucy’s face 3. A tree decorated for Christmas in the middle of nowhere in April (and Superdad carrying two tired kids at the end of a long hike) 4.  The car ride home after a long … Continue reading

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Lucy Did What?

Lucy is getting a new crop of teeth and she has a diaper rash.  She has the kind of diaper rash that makes her not want to be touched with anything – most of all a diaper. In seemingly unrelated … Continue reading

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