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After-School Conversation

Today Lucy saw a nativity scene printed in a book of Christmas songs. She asked for more details about the people in the picture. I explained. She and Monty fought over touching baby Jesus for a while and then she … Continue reading

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The Violin Has Come Full Circle

After nearly two years of begging, Oscar got a violin last year. His obsession with the instrument started at Arts in the Park when he saw a group of young kids playing violin on stage. He watched for the first few … Continue reading

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School Supplies

There were only two things on Oscar’s school supply list for kindergarten this year: 1. A box of Kleenex 2. A family photo The tissue proved to be an easy purchase. If only the family photo was as simple. The … Continue reading

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Today, Oscar started kindergarten. Here is the face Oscar put on after he squeaked “Bonjour” to his teacher before we dropped him off this morning: Here is the face that shows how he was really feeling about the whole thing: … Continue reading

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Family Torture

Just before bed last night: Oscar (shouting from the dining room): Mom! Come quick!  I did another family torture! Me (running into the room): A what??? Oscar: A family torture, see… Me: Portrait, Oscar. Family portrait. From left to right: Oscar, Jeff, Lucy, Me, … Continue reading

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Oscar is Five

Move over Vader, there is a five-year-old padawan about to eat your laser.   Well, he’s actually about to eat two bites, spit them out and dry heave for ten minutes.  After Oscar woke up feeling like death, we managed to … Continue reading

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Jingle Kids

Faster than Blitzen, nice turns to naughty, even on Christmas eve. Will Santa turn a blind eye to this one? Merry Christmas everyone!

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