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Brother to Brother Turning Two

Dear Gus: Happy Birthday. I like you because you are cute. You definitely aren’t that old, but you’re great.  Since you’re not that big, I still like you. -Monty (4 years old) Advertisements

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Three-year-old Strategic Voting or Too Much Green Eggs and Ham

Me: Monty, you and Gus have to come with me to vote today. Monty: I don’t know how to vote. Me: That’s ok. You just come with me to the high school and watch while I write an x in … Continue reading

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Monty says…

May the fourth be with you as you eat your cereal – – and as you wear your finest gown.

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Sibling Love

The teeth marks remaining on Oscar’s finger today from Lucy’s effort to bite it off in the stroller the other day, prove that it isn’t always a love fest around here.  Nonetheless, these photos remind me that there are moments. … Continue reading

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There is something about costumes, sugar, and pumpkin guts that makes Halloween an obvious choice for Oscar’s favourite holiday. No. It isn’t 1977. Yes. That is a Jawa. No. Star Wars has not lost its appeal to 4 (or 36) … Continue reading

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Some Call it Gas

We call it SMILE #1. Here’s to the first of many, Monty.  

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One Week With Monty

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