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Brother to Brother Turning Two

Dear Gus: Happy Birthday. I like you because you are cute. You definitely aren’t that old, but you’re great.  Since you’re not that big, I still like you. -Monty (4 years old) Advertisements

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It was merry. Very.


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Three-year-old Strategic Voting or Too Much Green Eggs and Ham

Me: Monty, you and Gus have to come with me to vote today. Monty: I don’t know how to vote. Me: That’s ok. You just come with me to the high school and watch while I write an x in … Continue reading

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Lucy at 5

She talked about starting school for months. She planned her lunch and meticulously labeled everything in her backpack. She was ready. We were ready. We were wrong. At the beginning of this month, Lucy turned five. On that very same … Continue reading

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Passing the Torch

Last weekend marked the end of my first week back at work and the beginning of Jeff’s parental leave. It’s been seven months of being home full time with Gus – – oh – and the other three, too… Jeff’s first week … Continue reading

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Monty says…

May the fourth be with you as you eat your cereal – – and as you wear your finest gown.

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Oscar is Seven 

Tonight, around 1 a.m., Oscar will turn seven.   We lied and told him his birthday was today so he wouldn’t hijack the whole Easter weekend from his siblings. Of course, he figured it out (he figures everything out) and … Continue reading

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