Passing the Torch

Last weekend marked the end of my first week back at work and the beginning of Jeff’s parental leave.

It’s been seven months of being home full time with Gus – – oh – and the other three, too… Jeff’s first week at home is off to a fine start. We have different ways of doing things and the kids seem to already be appreciating the variety.

Lucy and Oscar on RoofAs for me, I’ve been asked: “How was your first week back at work?”

The long answer includes wild stories of:

  • Working uninterrupted in an office and feeling like the most productive human on the planet
  • Feeling happy (but secretly sad) that the kids aren’t falling apart without me
  • Leaking milk through multiple shirts

The short answer is: “fine.”

Luckily, on Friday (my last afternoon of solo daytime parenting for a while), Lucy gifted me some of her four-year-old wisdom to take back to work. Ten minutes before Jeff comes home, I always frantically try to hide the slovenly disaster in which I operate most days. As usual, I was dejectedly eyeing up the mess…

Me: It always takes me way longer than I think to clean up.
Lucy: Then why don’t you just stop thinking about it?

I guess it is that simple. 

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3 Responses to Passing the Torch

  1. Claire says:

    THAT is a beautiful photo! I am taking Lucy’s advice starting now.

    • growingfireweed says:

      I’ll warn you, you may spontaneously walk into walls and fall out of chairs, but otherwise, it’s decent advice.

  2. Rhonda Grandy says:

    Love the pics

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