Oscar is Seven 

Tonight, around 1 a.m., Oscar will turn seven.  

We lied and told him his birthday was today so he wouldn’t hijack the whole Easter weekend from his siblings. Of course, he figured it out (he figures everything out) and reminded us repeatedly that tomorrow is still his birthday. Yes, Oscar. Easter weekend is all about you.

On the eve of his fake birthday, Lucy was as excited as Oscar. Before they fell asleep, Jeff overheard:

Lucy: (seriously) “I love you, Oscar.”

Oscar: (hesitantly) “I love you, Lucy… but… I love Lego. I love Lego.”   Happy 7th trip around the sun to the lego-loving, holiday-hijacking, worm-dancing, oldest kid in the house.  Easter is all yours this year.   

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4 Responses to Oscar is Seven 

  1. Rhonda Grandy says:

    This is so true! He does love Lego

  2. karen mcintyre says:

    Happy 7 th. Birthday Oscar! Have lots of fun on your special day. We hope the Easter Bunny found you, Lucy, Monty & Gus. Happy Easter to all!
    Love Uncle John & Aunt Karen

  3. Cathy Grandy says:

    I can’t believe how old Oscar is looking! Happy 7th to you, Oscar!

  4. Grandma and Papa says:

    Well, we’re a little late responding to these pictures but better late than never. Wow! Oscar you have certainly grown this year! Papa says you’re a real handsome looking dude! He can hardly wait to arm wrestle you. Love to all

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