After-School Conversation

Today Lucy saw a nativity scene printed in a book of Christmas songs. She asked for more details about the people in the picture. I explained. She and Monty fought over touching baby Jesus for a while and then she said she wanted to act out the scene. She told me the assigned roles:

Mom – Mary
Dad – Joseph
Gus – Jesus
Oscar and Monty – Shepherds
Lucy – Angel-who-isn’t-really-an-angel-but-actually-part-of-the-family

Then Oscar came home from school…

Lucy (showing Oscar the picture): I want to do that.

Oscar: Oh, you want to act it out? Ok. I’ll be Jesus. (Then, looking over at me holding infant Gus he had second thoughts). Gus can be Jesus. I’ll be the GOD of EVERYTHING.

Lucy (clearly frustrated): God isn’t even in it. You can be a shepherd.

Oscar (rolling his eyes): Lucy, God is what it’s all about. Fine. If we’re going to act it out, I’m going to be half shepherd, half GOD of EVERYTHING, and half rockin’ guitar man (striking an air guitar pose).

Me (in my mind): I’m guessing GOD of EVERYTHING is the third half of the whole part?

Lucy: (looking at Jeff). What does Joseph do?

Jeff: He tries to get a room at the inn and he fails….(thinking)…but he does own the donkey. Yes. Joseph owns the donkey.

We never got around to acting it out. I said we’d do it after dinner, but we ended up having a dance party. Sadly, the dance party ended when Monty got a bloody nose from the angel-who-is-actually-part-of-the-family.

Angel that is part of our family

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2 Responses to After-School Conversation

  1. Davida says:

    I love your little family Colleen!!

  2. Gerald Haase says:

    Priceless chronicles. Just had a similar kid encounter with our big kid Arion discussing Just War Theory and working up football analogies for end-of-term exams and papers. Memo to self: Try to avoid hail-Mary passes.

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