Boys and Girls

Whether our October 2014 baby is a boy or a girl is the source of much speculation around here these days.  Lately, Lucy seems to be the most passionate about her predictions:

To give Lucy some time to celebrate or adjust, we thought we’d attempt to find out what parts baby was sporting in the ultrasound.

GenderTBAIn order to be in keeping with his or her siblings, baby kept legs closed with cord between them through the whole procedure.

After seeing the photos, no one seems to care much what parts baby has. In truth, I find girl and boy parts reveal next to nothing about the kind of baby we’ll end up with anyway.

Note the following…

Oscar (when we told him he should start changing in the mens’ room – nearing five years old): I wish I was a girl. I want to go into the girls change room with mama. I like mama and I wish mama could go in the guys room.  The guys have moustaches and they’re scary.  The girls don’t really have moustaches. I like it better there.”

Lucy (in the middle of a pre-bedtime, solo, nude dance party): “Oscar, you should take off your clothes, too, so we can high five our butts.”

Trucks at camera

Baby #4, whatever your flavour, we welcome you with open arms!

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2 Responses to Boys and Girls

  1. Sheryl Kloke says:

    Tell Lucy I am the only girl too! Cannot wait to meet #4 and cannot wait to see you guys! xo

  2. Cathy Grandy says:

    Hopefully Lucy’s heart will be taken by your new sweetie, whether a sister or a brother! 🙂

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