School Supplies

There were only two things on Oscar’s school supply list for kindergarten this year:
1. A box of Kleenex
2. A family photo

The tissue proved to be an easy purchase. If only the family photo was as simple. The day before school started I spent an hour searching through photos from the past year and struggled to find one that school-appropriately displayed all five of us.

You’d think that after spending three of the past seven months vacationing with family someone would have taken a decent photo of the lot of us. I have to give my Dad credit for trying. Of the three finalists I found, he is the author of two.

#1. Beer instead of Monty
Beer Monty

#2. We’re almost all in it.Granddad Gem #2

#3. We’re all in it, but it sucks.Granddad Gem #1

Since none of those seemed quite right, five minutes before I left for work, we ran into the backyard and took 40 photos with the camera set on a timer in continuous shooting mode. These were the best two photos we pulled from the two minute blitz:

Family Photo: Take 1
Family Photo: Take 2

We went with the last one.

Now that we’ve successfully handed over our first born son and produced an appropriate family photo, I’m convinced next year’s school supply list is going to be a breeze.

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One Response to School Supplies

  1. Claire says:

    I think Oscar mid-air is the most accurate representation of your family. Love it!

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