Eating Rocks

One of the differences between having two and three children lies in the amount of stuff we lose.  We shed belongings (think water bottles, crayons, Tupperware, toys, and clothing) like a Christmas tree sheds needles in March. Its ugly. I showed up in Ontario with only the clothes on Monty’s back after leaving nearly all of his stuff in a drawer in Nova Scotia.  I’d like to say I’m getting better at this ebb and flow of belongings (we only spent an hour searching a mile-long beach at night for a lost baby shoe once this month), but I’m still struggling. I’ve taken to keeping an inventory of lost belongings on my phone – it makes me feel like I have some control.

Another difference between two and three is in the amount of rocks and other small ground debris the third child ingests. Monty has a digestive system made of steel. This is also directly linked to why I rarely blog anymore.  I rely heavily on photos to take up the majority of the space here, but watch what happens to Monty when I try to take photos with three kiddos…

First this:Thumbs Up

And then, this:Eating RocksAs Oscar said, “Mom, hurry! Monty’s grumming* for cigars!” (cigars=cigarette butts)

* “grumming” is a word that Oscar made-up to describe what Monty spends most of his time doing – crawling around and chewing on things.

Luckily, for the life of the blog, Monty’s stomach took one for the team, and we managed to get a few photos from our trip to Nova Scotia and Ontario this year.  Thanks, Monty!

Get Your Motor Running Hiking Lunenburg sneaking away  Lunenburg Trio  Lunenburg milk   Sand FightSand Master GrandysMonty and Sheep  Wolosewich Crew Lift Locks

Note: These photos were almost all shot on different days, so yes – Lucy loves her tie-dyed shirt from Granddad.  She cries when she sees it on the clothes line.

Kids and SheepMonty in Summerville


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One Response to Eating Rocks

  1. Clairee says:

    amazing photos! Grum on, Monty!

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