Family Torture

Just before bed last night:

Oscar (shouting from the dining room): Mom! Come quick!  I did another family torture!
Me (running into the room): A what???
Oscar: A family torture, see…

Family Torture from Space

MePortrait, Oscar. Family portrait.

From left to right: Oscar, Jeff, Lucy, Me, Monty (“puking milk and food”)

Then, he told me that the circle above our heads is earth, so maybe this is family torture after all.  Explosive decompression in outer space apparently has an pleasurable effect on those over two.  Monty seems to be faring the worst.

Or, perhaps Oscar’s misapplication came from overhearing the conflicted chat I heard Lucy have with herself while gently mauling Monty yesterday.

Lucy: I don’t want to break Monty’s head off. I just want to be a nice guy because I love him so much.

Red Riding Wizard

Where is the fine line between portrait and torture? Maybe in having Jeff still home on parental leave.
Dad's Still Home

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4 Responses to Family Torture

  1. Gillian says:

    Great post! Kids are so deep, without even trying. I love drawing time.

  2. Looks like someone read Hop on Pop.

  3. Liane says:

    Love it!!!! Thanks for making Christian and I laugh this morning!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. Claire says:

    I laughed so hard. The line IS very fine. Often one and the same.

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